Hello! I’m Heidi.

As an Investigative Health Coach, I guide my clients in making real life changes to become a happier and healthier version of themselves.

Using functional lab testing I find answers to why you are not feeling your best. If you feel tired, overwhelmed, are having ongoing body issues. There may include (but are not limited to) weight, bloating, pain, mental clarity, sleep issues, hormone issues, and stress. You may have been told by your Doctor that all your test results are normal, there is nothing wrong with you or you were given a prescription to manage your symptoms.  I want you to know that the symptoms you are experiencing are quite common, however not normal.

My desire to help others stems from my own health struggles. I understand how frustrated you might feel, because I have been there myself!

I don’t know when the symptoms began because I felt unwell more often than I felt well. Looking back on my teen years there were many signs of dis-ease. I had very heavy and painful menstrual cycles, acne, abdominal pain, gas, bloating, constipation and headaches. I often suffered from bronchitis and was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma. I’ve taken many antibiotics in my lifetime, which likely damaged my gut and lead to digestive problems I developed as an adult.

As a young adult I had abnormal PAP smears. On several occasions my PAP smears came back precancerous and my doctor performed a LEEP procedure. LEEP is a treatment with a small electrical wire loop used to remove abnormal cell from the cervix.

On October 2005 I got stung by a wasp and ended up with blood poisoning. I was treated with heavy antibiotics and it appeared to have cleared up in a couple of days. The black color on my hand and the red streak up my arm went away.

In December of 2005 I started to experience swelling in my face. The swelling would appear for no apparent reason and last for several minutes to several days. In early 2006 my symptoms progressed to include migraines, upper back and neck pain, diarrhea, PMS mood swings, poor memory, and an inability to concentrate. I felt anxious, overwhelmed, and struggled to drag myself out of bed most mornings. My health felt out of my control and my relationships were affected. I did not feel healthy, energetic, or satisfied with my life.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  To be diagnosed with Celiac Disease you must have total Villous Atrophy. Villous atrophy occurs when your intestinal villi —the microscopic, finger-like tentacles that line the wall of your small intestine—erode away, leaving a virtually flat surface.

I have been on a Gluten Free diet since 2012 and occasionally have migraines and gut symptoms, however I felt that there were still issues that needed to be addressed. I was still having mood swings, PMS and mental clarity issues.  I was still looking for answers, I felt I had not yet found the underlying causes of my illnesses.

In 2017, when I began my Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® training and began running the lab tests on myself, it was eye opening! I learned my cortisol levels were out of balance, my hormones were very low and out of balance.  I wasn’t digesting protein or much of my food, my liver was taxed, I found H. pylori (bacteria in the stomach), a dysbiosis in my bowel, multiple food sensitivities, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and leaky gut.

Once I addressed the root causes and took action to get rid of the infections, heal my gut, support my hormones and stop the inflammatory response causing continued autoimmune attack, I got healthier on a level I had never known. I got my energy back, my pain and stiffness went away, I slept deeply, I no longer had gas or digestive upsets, and my brain fog lifted. Now, I enjoy my healthy lifestyle because I see the results of my hard work!

When you address diet, lifestyle, detoxification, food triggers, the gut, infections, and toxic exposures, your body can heal, and you can turn off the inflammatory fire.  Are you experiencing any of these issues? Are you looking for answers?  Let’s work together to find your happier, healthier self!

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My Training

Institute for interrogative Nutrition, 2016

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, 2018

Certified Gluten Practitioner, Dr. Tom Obrien, 2018