This program is for health-conscious people wanting to eliminate digestive discomfort so they can regain their energy.

will help you:

  • Help you reduce or eliminate your digestive discomfort
  • Uncover vitamin/mineral and nutritional deficiencies that may be contributing to your gut issues
  • uncover possible heavy metal toxicity
  • Help you rebuild your microbiome
  • Achieve better overall health as a bonus!

The Gut Rebalancing Project includes

Functional Lab Testing
Blood chemistry and mineral panel
This will help me discover healing opportunities that may be contributing to your anxiety. We then customize a wellness plan based on this information.

75-minute Test results Session
Here is where I will explain what your test results uncover so you understand the contributing factors behind your anxiety and what steps to take.

6 x 60-Minute Education & Support Sessions
This is where I'll teach you the pillars of a balanced lifestyle so you can manage your anxiety. Provide a safe space for you to discuss your struggles and ask questions.

Fullscript Account
Receive a 15% discount ion supplement when ordered from my online dispensary.

The Gut Rebalancing Project is Different Because...

Gut issues are a very deeply rooted internal issue and when our gut microbiome is out of balance often our while body will be out of balance .

If you want to calm your digestive discomfort, we need to look deeper. Gut issues can be caused by inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, and many other factors.

The gut rebalancing project incorporates lab testing so we can dig deeper to find deficiencies which may be contributing factors triggering your digestive discomfort.

We then customize a wellness plan based on this information. A well balanced body can lead to a well balanced lifestyle.